Calculating the Number of Text Messages Received Each Day

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Collecting Quantitative Data In this paper, I decided to examine the number of text messages that I receive each day. While a day is generally considered a 24 hour period of time, some people differ on their definitions of a day. For example, for some people a day is measured from the time they wake in the morning until they go to sleep that night. Other people measure a day from midnight to midnight. Because I receive some text messages while I am sleeping, I had to include all 24 hours in a measurement period. Therefore, I chose to measure days from midnight to midnight. As a result, many of the text messages that I received in the early morning hours were continuations of messages from the day before. Another thing that I had to consider was the nature of text messaging. Was I going to consider each individual text message, each text conversation, or simply unsolicited text messages? Given that text messages can allow considerable delay in communications, so that determining which messages compose part of each separate conversation can be difficult, I chose to measure each individual text message. Therefore, even if a single conversation involves 40 or 50 separate text messages, each message is counted. Only incoming text messages are measured, however, since the data examined is the number of messages received each day. My final consideration was whether to include only intentional and personal text messages or to include all text messages. I receive text
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