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Bradly VanCamp
Anyone that enjoys football enjoys the excitement that comes with the game. A lot of the excitement that comes with football is the touchdowns. After touchdowns, it has become customary to celebrate. These celebrations have become more tame over the years, thanks to Commissioner Roger Goodell and his anti-fun ways. Long gone are the days of using the pylon to play miniature golf or stashing a cell phone under the goal post and making a phone call. The most extreme celebration one will see nowadays is a little dance or giving the football to a kid in the crowd. Unfortunately, the media and many other people are trying to make big deal about Cam Newton celebrating his touchdowns with his signature superman …show more content…

The media does not like the idea of someone other than Tom Brady or Peyton manning dominating the quarterback position, especially a black quarterback. It is time for the media to move into 2015 like the rest of the world is.
In order for Cam Newton to get the respect he deserves, the media has to learn to accept that Cam is here to stay and is an elite talent. How many teams are still undefeated in the NFL this season? There is only one and it just so happens to be Cam Newton’s Panthers. With the season that Cam has had, he should be a near lock for MVP, but the media still keeps bringing up other names like Tom Brady. What people fail to realize is that Newton is putting up these numbers with very few receivers. Ted Ginn is the number one receiver for the Panthers and he has never been more than a number three option in his career. Newton does have a great tight end in Greg Olson, but for the most part is single handedly carrying this team with his legs and his arm. It is time for Newton to be put in the positive spotlight. Super Cam is good for the NFL and good for the African American community. He broke the mold and proved that an African American can be a great quarterback in the NFL and have a ton of fun while doing it. Next time you see number 1 flashing that contagious smile and celebrating a big touchdown, embrace it because we are witnessing something

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