Campaign Plan For A Campaign

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It can be argued that the most difficult part of a capital campaign is getting ready for the campaign. There are so many elements that must be considered, so many factors that need to be taken into account. Planning, planning and more planning is needed for a successful campaign. Having a plan in place will allows for organizations to navigate difficulties it may face, to identify and eliminate mistakes, to keep the campaign on track and organized and to outline the necessary steps needed to raise a large amount of funding (Bancell, 2000). The following paragraphs will outline some of the larger elements of a campaign plan. The first element of a campaign plan is the case, the second part is the leadership, the third is prospects and finally The most important element of a campaign plan is the reason for having the campaign. The case for support will serve as the argument as to why donors should give to the campaign. Whatever the reason may be it will need to be a good one, one that serves the organization’s mission and the community. The case will need to be articulated in a way that excites the public, donors, staff and volunteers. The reason behind the campaign must also be logical and be strong enough to hold together when donors ask questions. A cause for support will need to be carefully crafted, tested for its ability to drive, inspire and motivate those who will be part of the campaign. The preliminary case for the organization should; be persuasive, should

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