Public Health Media Campaign Essay

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My campaign focuses on mental illness in the African American community. I plan to implement my campaign by coming up with a blueprint that outlines a month long week by week goals and agendas to get my target market on track . Each week myself and team would focus on different missions, goals, and a plan course of action to execute the overall objective. Our timeline for the first week would include becoming accquinted with the community. Visiting local business, schools, churches, surrounding health facilities, and city officials. Within this time I would also include pop-up shops and town hall meetings to not only explain the importance of understanding and recognizing mental illness but more importantly to gather feedback as to how …show more content…

These three consist of the foundation which is needed to bridge gaps and promote social change. In any event when it comes to moving forward an effective campaign will always seek out ways to make their audience more knowledgeable
In efforts to incorporate cultural relevance I will make sure to look into the values of my target market and expound upon the things that are meaningful to them to generate positive change. Faith and religion also are huge contributors to their behaviors so I would also look at ways in which these two things coupled with facts and statistics would make them more open to change and see the long-term affect.
Two ethical issues that I might encountered is the honoring of those wishes by individuals that may be suffering from some form of mental illness. In the event that someone might not be capable of making decisions for themselves having to step in and make those decisions can pose an issue down the road. Another ethical delima can be seen as minimizing harm that is associated with mental illness. This can be an issue because when it comes to mental health facilities there is a shortage in where people can go and seek help. Not having these services readily available can futher put these people in harms way and cause their situation to deteriorate even more.
Ways in which I intend to evaluate effefectives of my campaign is by suryes, questioniares, and social media poles. These

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