Can You Lose Your Salvation In Christ?. By Michael Fackerell|

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Can You Lose Your Salvation in Christ?
By Michael Fackerell | Submitted On November 01, 2011

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Expert Author Michael Fackerell
For the Christian believer, nothing is more important for us personally than our Salvation. If we are aware of these things, we ought to be thanking God the Father every day for the mercy we received. Who could imagine that a Holy God would send His perfect Son down in the form of human …show more content…

Then, there were passages which talk about the danger of willful sinning, such as Hebrews 10:26ff.

God 's primary condition for receiving salvation is FAITH. Its not just any kind of faith, but the kind of trusting, heartfelt faith that takes Jesus on for all that He is and doesn 't let Him go. Its a faith that takes hold even of the nature of God and causes a person to be transformed. Here is the tricky bit. A person cannot be saved from sin if they want to continue in sin. So at some point, the believer must embrace REPENTANCE - a change in heart and mind, if they wish to remain in Christ and experience salvation.

Once you are in Christ and enjoying the sweet blessing of the Holy Spirit in your life, is it possible to ever lose that status? Is it possible to cease to be "in Christ"?

I 'm fully aware that there are schools of thought within Christendom that emphatically deny this possibility. This is done by painstakingly twisting each and every one of the many, many Bible verses that plainly imply that it is possible to fall away. I will now list just a few of the Scriptures that teach that it is possible to fall away and cease to be "in Christ". It shows that there are also many ways to do this - from trying to be justified by the law, to forsaking the commandment of Jesus to walk in love, to unbelief, to flagrant acts of willful sin.

If a man does not keep himself in me, he becomes dead and is cut off like a dry branch; such branches are taken up and

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