Canada 's Relationship With The Indigenous People

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This is a powerful quote, and to each individual, it has its own meaning. When I read this quote, what I understood was that if one believes they are powerless, then they are. The oppressor cannot control what is in your head, or your spirit. This quote is relevant because it corresponds to Canada’s relationship with the Indigenous people. My paper will be ranging from the topics of residential schools in Canada, and the aftershock of them; the positive influence New Zealand could have on Canada’s struggle to decolonization, and looking deeper into how Canada can take New Zealand as an example and try to incorporate it into our own values and system. Although this paper includes a broad range of subjects, it will be focused solely on my…show more content…
Although to most, Residential schools are considered a time of the past, the final residential school did not actually close until 1986, which means that many of our older generation of today’s Aboriginal communities are residential school survivors. The traumatizing effects of the schools had not only had a significant effect on the families directly involved, but also for generations to follow. According to the Manitoba Justice Institute, residential schools laid the foundation for the epidemic we see today of domestic abuse and violence against Aboriginal women and children.17 The high rates of domestic violence among Aboriginal families results in a vicious cycle of abuse and dysfunction over generations. The families directly affected were raised with no love, from there, the pain was carried down in many other forms and so forth. This brings me to the topic of my first notion, that education is the root of decolonization. I am certain of this because, from what I understand nothing is so persistent and forced into society more than education is. I am not concentrated strictly on schools, but the idea that we are constantly surrounded by many possible sources of knowledge. A young child first and foremost learns from its surroundings (its parents, siblings, media, etc...) and then usually put into a school for further education. How a child is developed mentally plays such a huge role in his or her life choices, and later on
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