Canadian Code Of Ethics For Psychologist And The Ethical Decision Making Process

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Personnel selection can be considered the responsibility of all those who manage people as well as a description of persons who are employed as specialists. Psychologists are hired by organizations to help with the personnel selection process and to help select the best person for the job. While helping with the selection process, the psychologist needs to follow the professional standards set by the APA.


Psychologists offer a unique insight into the workings of selection process. Because so many aspects of the selection process rely upon the observation, recording and evaluation of data by humans the expertise of psychologists can often be critical. The scenario provided will utilize the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologist and the Ethical Decision-making Process and APA Ethical Standards to resolve conflicts that affects the personnel selection process.

The first step will be to identify the people and groups that will be affected by my decision. In this scenario, there were the potential employee and employer who is also the client for the psychologist. This is considered an ethical problem because it has to do with Standard 9.01a because the test will not be sufficient to make recommendation for a job offer.

The second decision making process was the relevant issue and under what circumstances the situation occur and in this case it happened during a job required selection test. A professional conflict has occurred with the
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