Canon Business Manual

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Canon Global, Business Manual Business Manual International Business & Management Studies Class: 1B Group: 2 Made by: YPC Date: 4th December, 2009 1. Preface The purpose of this report, made by YPC (1st year students in INHOLLAND), is to develop a business manual for Canon Global which provides future new employees to obtain information about the company. In other words how the company works; the processes of the company; the products sold by the company; communication strategies set out by the company, the history, the way of working and overall the company’s organization and structure. From the perspective of the company, the main purpose of the business manual is to give future and current employees a…show more content…
Canon noncurrent assets: noncurrent receivables, investments, property, plant and equipment, net, intangible assets, net and other. The total amount of both current and noncurrent assets is $41,134,711 (information date 30th September, 2009). Intangible assets consist primarily of software and license fees. Goodwill and other intangibles assets are at least tested once for impairment, annually in the fourth quarter of each year. From the perspective of YPC, Canon Global is a company which wants to be appreciated, trusted and respect worldwide. Therefore it responds not only to the demands of developed countries, but also to the various needs and problems communities are facing throughout the world. The business culture of Canon Global is related to Canon’s corporate philosophy “Kyosei”. It shapes Canon Global’s mission and values, the way Canon treats their people and conducts their business. Canon Global consists of 3 head quarters: one in Europe, one in U.S.A. and one in Japan. Every subsidiary of Canon has established a wide range of individual commercial units. Every head quarter has an essential own corporate strategy center. Every command or strategies will first be sent to the head quarter. Further, the head quarter will inform the individual commercial units in their region. Competency Based Interviews, Work Related Tests, Presentations and Psychometric Testing are the
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