Career Goal: Health Studies 131, Kinesiology 275 (Fcs/342)

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The four courses I took that contribute to my career goal are Health Studies 131 (CPR class),Family and Consumer Science 342(Nutrition), Kinesiology 275(Anatomical Kinesiology) and Health Studies 133(Healthy Lifestyles). In Health Studies 131, it deals with the learning basic of CPR and first-aid safety. It teaches you what to do and what not to do incase of an emergency and other precautions around you. In FCS 342, I learned about impotant fact and key terms to know about nutrition. This can be useful in my profession because I can give the helpful information to my patients.For Kinesiology 275 ,I learned about the human body which consist of the knowing the anatomical names for the bones, the muscles ,and possible injuriesof both.And in Health Studies 133, was about learning to have a healthy lifestyle.
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