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Growing up I was never completely positive what I wanted to do with my life as far as a career choice, but I did know that I wanted to help people and have a positive impact on those that I came into contact with. So, it was not long after graduating high school that I became a CNA. I enjoyed everything about my job and always felt that it was a good fit for me, but with every passing day I found myself wanting to learn more. I began going to school in 2015, working towards getting my RN and decided to take an EKG course. Soon thereafter, I discovered that I was in love with the heart muscle and that cardio was my calling. My future goals are to get my RN and work in cardiology. These goals are very expensive ones, especially since I went backwards in life and had not only one, but three children before finishing school. The Dr.Charles Inlow scholarship could help me fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse in cardio because it will relieve some of the stress of paying college expenses, create more opportunities for my family and I to spend quality time, and will also benefit my resume for future applications. Above all, this scholarship could help fulfill my advancement in cardiology by helping cover a great amount of the expenses that it takes to achieve my dreams. We can all agree that paying for tuition and books, all while maintaining a household of five people, two dogs and a fish is financially challenging. This challenge often causes me a substantial amount of stress
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