Caring For Children And Young People

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Caring for children and young people P1: Outline why children and young people may need to be looked after away from their families. There are a variety of reasons why children can become 'looked after ' they can be looked after a foster carer or put into a children’s home because they could of suffered from abuse, loss of a parent, disability etc. Suspected abuse: There are four types of abuse that a child can experience, Physical, sexual, emotional and neglect. Physical abuse is when someone e.g. mother, father or sibling hurts a child continuously on purpose this can include drowning, suffocating, poisoning or burning the child. Signs that normally show physical abuse can be scars or burns. Sexual abuse is when a child or young person under the age of consent which is 16 is forced against their will to take part in sexual activities this can be making them do sexual things with other people, forcing them to watch sexual activities or to be involved in a making of a sexual film. People can tell if a child is being sexually abused if a child knows too much sexual knowledge for their age or if they are being looked after a sexual offender or if the child has told you or told someone else. Loss of parent: A child can be placed in a foster care home if both of the parents have died and there are no relatives to look after the child. The child can be put up for adoption or stay in a care home up until the age of 18
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