Carl Ransom Rogers: Humanistic Approach To Psychology

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Carl Ransom Rogers was an influential American psychologist. He was one of the founders of the Humanistic approach to psychology. Rogers was born on January 8, 1902. His father was a civil engineer while his mother was a homemaker. He had five siblings and he was the fourth one. Originally, he planned to study agriculture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with an undergraduate focus on history and religion. In school, his interests shifted away from agriculture and toward religion. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in 1924, he entered a liberal Protestant seminary in New York City.
Rogers spent two years in seminary before transferring to Columbia University Teachers College. Rogers received his master’s in 1928 and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1931. While completing his doctoral work, he engaged in child study. In 1930, Rogers served as director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children in Rochester, New York.
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When children start going to kindergarten, they are being taught to write their names firstly. This is the beginning of the development of their ‘self’. They feel being attached when the teacher calls them by their names. It gives them a sense of identity and uniqueness. They recognize themselves as individuals and beings with a different identity and thus it consequently leads to the development of a positive self-image.
According to Roger’s concept of unconditional positive regard, language can be used to teach expressions of courtesy and kindness to the learners. When they will be taught to use greetings in classroom situations, they will automatically learn to give unconditional positive regard in real life situations as well. Using Communicative Approach to language teaching the students could be asked to greet people whom they are meeting for the first time, to five a good impression to
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