Carlson Dining Court Case

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To add alternative healthy food options at Carlson Dining Court, the solution should not increase the cost of operating the organic food stores, and it cannot take up the space of tables, study rooms and offices. Hence, the feasible solution must satisfy the following objectives:
The new organic food stores will not occupy the original space.
The new organic food stores will not increase the plenty of cost of operating the organic food stores.
The organic food products will have fair prices, and it will attract more students spend money on the store. In order to satisfy the all objectives, the solution is to open new organic food stores at the external garden, and the college of agriculture and food can provide the organic …show more content…

After performers input information into Excel, the report will have specific lists that clarify how students rank their preferable food. The management of Carlson Dining court is able to determine to prepare proper raw organic food materials by the selective reports. Preparing raw organic food materials is an important step, because finished organic food products are based on premium raw materials and low budget plan also need a cheap purchase price. The self-sufficient approach will decrease the overall costs by removing unnecessary steps. At the beginning, the management of Carlson Dining Court conveys the information that what the products they need to buy to the college of agriculture and food. College of agriculture and food can start to purchase some seeds of organic food and cultivate these seeds in the farm. Then, the college of agriculture and food can take advantage of their enough experience in agriculture, and promotes the production of crops, monitoring the process of growing and guarantee the quality of the organic …show more content…

Furthermore, some of the mature vegetables cannot meet the expected quality standard and will be broken into natural fertilizer. By using the internal resource of the university, the plan creates more business profits, and declines human capitals with automatic irrigation system. The third step is to design the organic food store in the external garden. How to minimize the total cost and maximize the total profit in the long run are significant during operating period. We also need to work a proper price, and make attractive advertisements at campus to promote. First of all, the exterior design of the store should put an emphasis on health and cozy topic. For instance, green or orange paint on the wall represents the food products are organic and healthy, and enough vivid organic food pictures on the menu will also spur students’ appetite. On the other hand, the color of the work cloth ought to choose bright colors, because an organic food is a manifestation of a positive life

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