Case 1a- Trader Joes Essay

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1. How does Trader Joe’s design jobs for increased job satisfaction and higher performance?
“Trader Joe’s has designed jobs to increase job satisfaction by showing appreciation in providing more benefits to their employees than other chain grocers. They provide starting benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance, company-paid retirement, paid vacation, and a 10% employee discount, Pg. w-100.” Traders Joes also recruits people with certain personality traits that the company wants in their stores. They are able to enrich their employees with knowledge of their products that they are selling, as well as inducing customer involvements. As a result, they are able to have higher job performance because they are able to train and …show more content…

By doing so, Trader Joe’s adds value to their employees. Secondly, Trader Joe’s hires managers only within the company, partly because they know the system inside and out. Their knowledge of how their system works is the human capital, because an outside manager would not have the experience and in depth knowledge as would the person who was hire within the company.
4. Explain the value chain as it pertains to Trader Joe’s.
Trader Joe’s value chain consist of it buyers that travel all over the world in search of great tasting food and beverages to buying directly from the producer whenever possible. The company itself is part of the internal value chain where they purchase their wholesome products to their staffing in employees. Customers add value to their chain because they trust Trader Joe’s to offer the most nutritious, sustainable, and organic food, pg. w-100.
5. Research Question: What do the blogs and current news reports say? Is Trader Joe’s management benchmark for others to follow? In what areas relevant to Organizational Behavior does the firm have an edge on the competition?
Current news report describes Trader Joe’s as a “trendy grocery store with cult like following,” Similar new report that Trader Joe’s are opening up a store in Florida. I do believe Trader Joe’s is a management benchment

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