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Ana Case Study Analysis Written By: Marcella Fullilove Grand Canyon University: PCN 500 Counseling Theories 3/21/2012 Instructor: Dr. Cheryl Fisher The use of a case study analysis can help a student or group apply the best theory to an individual’s problems or issues. The green team will face the challenges as therapist to provide the necessary problem solving skills that may be suitable to this case study. Ana is the adult female in this case study who is face with different types of problems or issues. The green team will analyze the information, apply best theory, and provide results that will be appropriate for Ana’s major stressors. As there may be no wrong or right answer, it is the work of great minds …show more content…

Therefore, we are uncertain whether or not her family knows that she is not in school. It seems that a lot of importance has been put on education in her family, but college is not for everyone. Other special issues to consider would be the lack of coming to her sessions, isolating herself from others, having panic or anxiety attacks than norm. The main issue, the green team considers most of all would be deep depression due to the overall major stressor. As therapists, we have to

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