Case Analysis : ' Roley Filed Law Lawsuit Law Suit Against His Employer

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Depending on the status of the employee upon hiring or later, he or she may be granted at a will contract or a property interest contract in a continued employment (Varone, 2012). Because at a will employees cannot expect a continued employment, they can be terminated for any reason or without reason (Varone, 2012). For property interest employees, due process must be provided before job termination stated Varone (2012). Public employees such as municipal and district firefighters even under at a will contract cannot be terminated without just cause or in a violation of law affirmed Varone (2012). A fire chief who was fired due to an alleged incompetence filed a law suit against his employer. The facts, the issues, the ruling, the rationale, a perspective, and example in which the court’s decision might be cited are addressed in this paper.
The Facts
Roley filed a law suit against his employer because he was fired after a hearing during a public meeting when he was unable to prevent the board of fire commissioners for doing so (Open Jurists, 1989). The causes of the hearing were related to his incapacity of fulfilling his duties; his incompetence led to the hearing and further to his discharge. Of course, he was not happy about the situation, so he presented the case before a United States (US) district court alleging that his equal protection and due process rights were violated. The district court ruled against him and in favor of the fire district. He appealed the
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