Case. Skin- Tique Corporation Essay

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Contents of the paper

1.Executive Summary
2.Company Description
3.Strategic Focus and Plans
-Mission, goals, objectives
-Core competencies, sustainable competitive advantage
4.Situation Analysis
-SWOT analysis
-Industry analysis, trends
-Competitor analysis
-Company analysis
-Customer analysis
5.Product-Market Focus
-Marketing and product objectives
-Points of difference
6.Financial Data and Projections


Executive Summary

The case is about skin- tique corporation, the case study covers the company description an overview of what they produce there objectives and the companies core competencies. This aims to provide a fair understanding of the company and the line of business it is
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5.5 or 10 ounce
Cannibalization of there own product

Industry Analysis
U. S. dollar value of womens wet shaving products - $ 400 million in 2002.
Sales growth-3 to 5 percent per year since 1997.
Razors and blades - 72 percent of womens wet shaving products. ($288 million in 2002)
Shaving creams and gels-28 percent of annual sales. ($112 million in 2002)
Women spend, on average- $ 11.00 for razors, blades, and shaving preparations per year.
Women had few products to choose from
1993- Only 2 competitive products available
1997 – womens shaving cram and gel category emerged
Improvement in shaving technology
Late 2002 several competing brands
Increase in advertising and promotion budgets.

Competition Analysis
First mover advantage -S. C. Johnsons Skintimate , Soft Shave.
Satin Care ( Gillette) - A 7 oz Gel costing $ 2.99 is the lowest priced shaving gel.
Soft Shave ( White Labs)- A 9 oz. Lotion costing $ 1.82 is the lowest priced shaving lotion in the market.
Inverness Ultra- Lubricating Shaving Gel ( Inverness Corp.)- A6 oz. Gel costs $ 6.95 is the highest price shaving gel, they offer ultra lubricant.
The only three products sold in a tube-Inverness Ultra- Lubricating Shaving Gel, Soft Shave lotion and Soft and Silky Shaving
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