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Is Social Business working out? Ricardo Thomas Florida Tech University Is social business working out? summary of major issues The social media platforms growth in the average person's life has significantly altered our communication with each other, both at home and in the workplace. In recent years companies have been trying to leverage the power of social media within the business environment. Once the value of social business is understood and the effective use of the many available tools are utilized, it can be advantageous to an organization's bottom-line. Several known implementation challenges can be averted if these prerequisites are in place before implementing a tool. The example of the NASA's Goddard Space Flight…show more content…
Without support from executive management, social networks may never gain a proper foothold throughout the organization. Management must set the pace for line staff to follow and adopt. Therefore, if it's not important to senior management, it most likely won't be important to the workforce as a whole. According to the case and additional research, most companies are not providing the incentive that staff requires to be motivated to use these tools. The article states that only 22 percent of social software users believe the technology to be necessary to their jobs. Hence training on these new tools and the role they play within an organization is a critical factor that can lead to failure or success. It is therefore crucial that management in cooperates training and effectively communicates the importance of these tools to the general workforce. Management should not assume that because employees are used to participating on social networks like Facebook that they will adopt to internal social networks as easily. If employees are used to collaborating and doing business effectively in more traditional ways like sending emails, then they will need an incentive to use social software. Organization Organization needs to understand the value of Social Networking for both internal and external business. Once this is done, the efforts to convince the line staff would be easier. Many companies have found

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