Case Study : ' A Bus Company ' My Bus Trip '

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Assignment 1
Camila Carreño
Strayer University
ACC 557
Pofessor: Dr.Ola Ajimoko
Due: Week # 7

The company I want to create is a bus company “My Bus Trip” and will provide local and inter-city transportation services for communities throughout the US including major cities such as Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, operating scheduled bus routes, motor-coach tours, charters, and/or city sightseeing tours. Safety will be our absolute top priority. We want to invest in new state-of-the-art motor coaches, which include seat belts for all passengers, automatic traction control, electronic stability control, lane-changing warning devices for buses, and GPS systems. Also, we want our team of experts to be able to monitor safety
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One of the most operational ways to rise up quickly during peak seasons of activity is to hire temporary or contract employees. Stablishing a good relationship with an excellence staffing agency can help me get the workers I need when those spikes in activity occur. Another benefit of using seasonal workers is that those temporaries can be an outstanding source of full-time workers when the need arises.
Some benefits of this particular business will be for example our quick to use quote system to ensure clienteles will receive competitive estimates to their requirements at the snap of a few clicks. Bus Charters can include, but are not limited to, family reunions, school trips, club outings, sightseeing tours, sporting events, business excursions, church gatherings, wedding shuttles or any other exciting opportunity to travel together with a group. Using the latest technology software platform for Transport Companies to grow ridership and run a more efficient business, every stop on every trip will be supervised and scored using the engine that generate predicted arrival time for any location or service. For the lender/borrower convenience, here is a chart of accounts specific to the business of bus transportation.
Asset Accounts
No. Account Title To increase Description______________________________
101 Cash Debit Account balance as shown in company
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