Case Study : A Treatment Plan For Any Complex Case

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Case Study: Gary

When developing a treatment plan for any complex case, it is critical to consider any factors that contribute to the client’s situation. One must generate a plan of action that will support the client appropriately and yet not be overwhelming. It often takes a long time for a client to come to terms that they need help. For many, seeking mental health services can be both a daunting and intimidating laden with feelings of failure and disappointment.
In this case, a detailed one-year treatment plan was created to support Gary, a 13-year old boy who has been brought to mental health services by his mother, Emily (a single parent). Emily feels Gary needs help with his hostility toward his three-year old sister, Grace. …show more content…

Using measurable goals, the treatment plan sets out specific times for review and considerations for monitoring progress.
During the creation of the treatment plan, the clinician identified potential problems, recorded DSM-5 clinical impressions, and determined what mental health treatment steps could be taken to help stabilize this family. To ensure success, the treatment plan offers a logical flow of potential mental health treatment issues, identifies potential barriers, and provided possible strategies to mitigated these barriers. The treatment plan includes specific measurable qualitative and quantitative objective outcomes over a year-long treatment. Although success requires the involvement of other professionals, the focus of the treatment plan is on the work of the clinician with the family and only non-specific suggestions for outside support are listed. Had the case provided more details about the family’s residence, increased details about community resources might have been added (like the contact information for the Health Center, a Big-Brother organization, a single-parent support group, a subsided day-care resource, etc.).
The treatment plan resembles a clients’ treatment plan in a mental health agency using the Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) 5331 treatment

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