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Eileen M. MacTigue
Case Study Analysis
April 22, 2013

Written in 2012 by Brenda Ellington Booth and Karen L Cates from Northwestern University, Growing Managers: Moving From Team Member to Team Leader, describes a fictional scenario about a company called ColorTech Greenhouses Inc. The case describes the company, originally located in Phoenix, as a high-tech color supplier that quickly became the largest and most global grower in the western hemisphere. The status of the declining sales from the Phoenix division, which once bragged of their highest production levels, was examined through the eyes of Melissa Richardson, a recently hired sales manager for ColorTech’s corporate headquarters. This paper is based on the information
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Management was a vast majority of the issues that arose from ColorTech’s Phoenix division. Richardson settled into her new sales management position feeling unsure of her ability to lead teams due to the few management issues she had ever been exposed to in real life. The courses and classroom instruction Richardson attended offered little benefit when she was left with vague expectations from her regional sales manager, Beth Campbell. Furthermore, the lack of communication was chaos. From Campbell, a middle manager, to Richardson, a first-line manager, there were no guidelines for Richardson to consult. With this as an initial language barrier, it was inevitable that Richardson’s first interaction with her team would be unclear without a strategy and plans to follow. As a result of miscommunication, and lack-there-of, one of the greenhouses stationed in Columbia was infected with a fungus that resulted in weeks of delay, loss customers, and ultimately potential profits for the company. Lastly, Richardson’s unassertiveness contributed largely to the issues derived from the Phoenix division. She felt attitude from certain employees and allowed tardiness and texting through meetings, etc.
Richardson’s Strengths at ColorTech’s Phoenix division. Though Richardson lacked authoritative power, she thrived in expert power. She had been the top salesperson from the Chicago division. She was a professional who came into her

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