Case Study : Apple Inc.

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Apple Inc. is one of the leading publically traded companies in the world. Products from Apple become not only a household item but a daily necessity for majority of it consumers. Apple’s stock has obscured over $700 billion dollars in market capitalization in the year 2014 which provides a 7-for-1 split where accounting is concerned, which is about a 60% increase in the last year. Apple’s vast selection of products keeps the company fresh and moving in the direction where investors are feeling nothing short of satisfaction. Choosing to invest in Apple is a brilliant decision because even when circumstances are bleak Apple fights its way back to the top. In 2013 that was as substantial drop in stock; a major reason for that was the …show more content…

“Apple receives the majority of its revenue from the iPhone. In the most recent quarter, iPhone sales have peaked and hit a record breaking $51.2 billion dollars, which is a 57% increase that is based year-over-year and more than half of Apple’s earth-shattering $74.6 billion haul in the quarter. The iPad and Mac product lines gross approximately nine-billion and $ seven-billion dollars, respectively.” The constant success of the product lines is what makes Apple the top technical institutes of the era! “Reviewing the complete work up of Apple’s cash and cash equivalents intakes, short-term and long-term marketable securities, Apple’s cash situation nurtured to $178 billion by the completion of December 2014. Although, Apple has an upwards of $32.5 billion in long-term debt by the end of 2015 they will reimburse over $130 billion back to the investors and shareholders by dividends and buybacks. The debt will assist in accomplishing the reimbursement and will eventually help Apple reduce its taxes. Apple is hoping to announce the expansion of its capital return program in late April 2015. Leadership is another extremely important factor that must be discussed when looking to invest in a company. A company’s leadership is crucial to n ot only their success but the success of your business as well. The present leader of Apple is a gentleman who goes by the name of Tim

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