Case Study : Behind The Business World

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Behind the Business World My mother, an immigrant, has always been one to dream big. She told me that since I was born in America, I’d have opportunities that she never had. She always believed that I was the one who would be successful. As a huge “mommy’s boy” I’ve always felt it was my obligation to help her fulfill her dreams. In August of 2012, I helped her to finally make her dream of starting her own business a reality, Mally House Cleaning Services was the result. While the company is just getting off its feet, I feel like there’s more I can do to accelerate the process. With no previous work experience or any idea on how to manage a business, I feel like going into the business management field is the only logical way of bringing…show more content…
Paperwork that needs to be done will always be on your desk. Don’t be surprise if you’re here and there; “You’re always on the move,” said Molly Montgomery. You should be able to work well under pressure because there will be a lot in order to attain goals set by the company your employer. Be prepared to work long hours, weekends, and sometimes even holidays because when business calls you have to be there. With a work environment like this there are a couple of skills needed to complete job duties assigned to you. A business manager has many different duties and can vary from enterprise to individual departments in said enterprise. Looking for new employees, setting up interviews with employee candidates and then properly training those new employees to deliver the standard job expectation is just one of the many tasks that need to be completed by a manager. “You’re often working with people whether it’s handling customers or consulting employee problems.” (Montgomery) Making sure all paperwork is properly filed and everything is documented is a must to succeed in this job. This is just a handful of duties needed to be completed, there are skills needed to exceed in most duties such as but not limited to the following; communication skills, problem solving skills, computer skills, able to analyze data Erick Garcia 3 and writing skills. A couple of helpful high school courses or college programs are accounting, leadership
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