Case Study : Black Box Corporation

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The legal name of the corporation I am analyzing is Black Box Corporation. This corporation is generally known as the Black Box and it is headquartered in Lawrence, Pennsylvania. According to their annual report, “[t]hey participate in the worldwide communication network infrastructure and managed services market” (2016). The company operates internationally “consisting of four operating segments which are (i) North American Products, (ii) North American Sevices, (iii) International Products and (iv) International Services” (Black Box Corp, 2016). The corporation has multiple subsidiaries, two of which include Midwest Communications Technologies Inc and Delaney Telecom Inc. Midwest Communications Technologies was founded in 2014 and is …show more content…

The letter also indicates their transformation roadmap consisting or four phases: Stability, Optimize, Expand, and Transform. Also indicated are their recent achievements where they praise their team “for finishing Fiscal 2016 with strong cash flow” (2016). Item 7 contains the management’s discussion and analysis of the financial condition and the results of operations of Black Box Corporation. It works in conjunction with the consolidated financial statements and related notes. It begins with the breakdown of the company and its forty year history and indicates that their product revenues “are generated from sales to end-users, collaboration with key channel partners and system integrators and through a global distribution network” (Black Box Corp, 2016). Their average order size is less than one thousand dollars, yet they continue to build a strong reputation. “The company also serves government clients whose revenue is not as dependent on the overall economic environment as commercial clients but are subject to governmental budgetary constraints” (2016). The letter also indicates the company’s backlog of services and that they expect to complete most of it within the next twelve months. The company section of the MD&A also contains a small breakdown of their increases and decreases in profit and expenses

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