Case Study : Blockbuster And Blackberry Essay

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Change is an important to every business. Companies that don’t change become obsolete and susceptible to being irrelevant. Blockbuster and Blackberry are perfect examples of adapting to opportunity which ultimately was the reason they went out of business. Netflix and Apple are companies that capitalized on changes in the marketplace and were able to profit on the mistakes of the competition. The manner that a company presents change is an important part of its success. When leaders developed their business strategies, it is in their best interest to incorporate as many members of the team, then deliver it in a manner that makes employees feel like part of the solution. This is how buy in is achieved, and can be the difference between failure and success. For this paper I will describe a made up organization’s history, products, and major competitors. I will develop a current situation of the organization in the market and factors that have an impact on the organization. A SWOT will be defined and created to determine its place in the market, then three areas I will discuss why these areas are essential for the success of the company. Finally, I will determine metrics to gage the results of the company. Company Overview: Exotic things is a company located in Ogden, Utah that specializes in selling, and caring for exotic animals. It is the only company that is not on the East or West Coast in America that legally deals in exotic animals. This company is unique because of the

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