Case Study : Brisbane Brewing Company

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Executive summary
Brisbane Brewing Company aims at providing uniquely brewed drinks for different segments of the society. It will be looking forward to improving its tasting room by considering the diverse drinking needs of various age groups in the society. As such, it will be producing non-alcoholic drinks for the age group 15-35 and alcoholic drinks for the ages 18-25. The reason for this approach is to meet statutory regulations and to make sure that there is no alcohol consumption by the underage. We also believe that by limiting the age of an adult to whom our alcoholic drinks can be sold will help up solve the drinking menace that affects many families.
The craft beer segment has grown has been on a steady rise since the late 70’s and has never lost a market share. With a 9% growth in 2013,a $4.1 billion market share, there still stands an overwhelming potential for Brisbane Brewing company to thrive as they meet the needs of the drinking population like never before. Most brewing companies had an average growth of 21% in the wake of the year 2004. Brewing companies were few at the time with most of them located in Victoria and the northern parts of Victoria.
With alcoholic, beer, beverage accounting for slightly more than 60% of all alcoholic of all alcoholic beer retail sales, Brisbane Brewing Company has a good chance of exploiting the beer market. Australia has a large drinking population and Brisbane is a good spot for thriving economically.
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