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Case Analysis
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Introduction The case is about Modrow Company, the subsidiary of Tri-American Corporation based in Canada. The branch has 1000 employees whose primary function is fabricating aluminum. The advantages of Modrow are its location and the stable employees. The case focuses on Modrow 's expansion and modernization which the organisation did because of the estimated increase in the sales associated with building products. Dick Spencer is the newly appointed Modrow vice …show more content…

He managed to change the losses experienced in Birmingham to profits thereby streamlining the operations to meet the objectives of the corporation. However, operations in Modrow were challenging because Dick arrived in the branch amidst modernization and expansion changes. There was not much he could change despite the process being expensive and resulting in massive losses. It was also difficult to execute new methods and objectives since Modrow had recently received a lot of changes and the employees were adapting to the new operations. Modrow, therefore, was a challenge to Dick because he inherited the problems that resulted from the modernization and expansion changes. It was difficult for Dick to come up with better ways of doing business because the branch had to adapt and implement the new changes enforced by the administration. It was also difficult to understand the operations and make decisions that would steer the branch it a profitable path. Additionally, the employees had an existing culture that determined how the employees conducted business. It was challenging for Modrow to introduce a new culture without causing confusion, unrest, and resentment from the leaders present in the branch.
As mentioned, Modrow is facing challenges regarding profits because of Dick 's poor management skills. His past success was a result

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