Case Study : Customer Relationship Management

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Introduction to the topic
The topic talks about a company which is currently using SAP R/3 ERP System and now wants to move to SAP CRM Solutions for effective management of the customers. All in all a company wants to upgrade its customer relationship management system and want to use the latest and advanced ERP Customer Relationship management system.

Brief Definition
(Philip Kotler, 2009) has stated that Customer Relationship Management can briefly be described as all the organizational activities with the aim of building deeper understanding, relationship and offerings to individual customers.

Statement of purpose of the paper
The purpose of this paper is to understand the customer relationship management in details and its need w.r.t. current market scenario. The latest technologies which are available to support this function and how these latest technologies are better than the traditional approaches or technologies

Brief description of the paper’s structure
In this paper we will follow a step by step process to understand CRM in detail and its relevance in current market scenario. We will first understand the basics of CRM and how it is managed then we will move to the traditional approaches of CRM and their drawbacks. After understanding the drawbacks of traditional approaches we will discuss the technologies available and their advantages over traditional approaches. Further we will discuss implementation of these technologies with the help of

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