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MARKETING MANAGEMENT GROUP ASSIGNMENT 1 CASE STUDY MARKETING EXCELLENCE EMIRATES Merketing Management 15th Edition Page : 81 CASE STUDY: EMIRATES 1. How has Emirates been able to build a strong brand in the competitive airlines industry worldwide? The success of Emirates can be attributed through a combination of marketing mix which emphasize on excellent customer service, product and equipment. In addition, Emirates is known for its commitment to the highest standards of quality in every aspect of their business, providing premium service be it in first, business or economy class. We will look into a few P’s of the marketing mix that Emirates currently employ to become one of the most profitable…show more content…
People Emirates also create a global competitive advantage when they recruit 52,000 people from 162 different countries which make them seen as global company that operates in Dubai. This move helps them to show that they are the company with multinationals values and operated worldwide instead of focusing on routes in the Middle East. In addition, Emirates also employs multi-national crew to cater with the expansion of new destinations and demands of its passengers which covers more than 142 destinations in 80 countries. Promotion Product placement can be useful when marketing a product. Emirates has been aggressively promoting their brand name by sponsoring internationally recognized sports event the Formula 1, the US Open series, the Ryder Cup, World Cup Rugby and cricket. Emirates also sponsor numerous football teams such as Real Madrid, Arsenal, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germaine (Source: Emirates Website) Emirates also provide online services, with websites that enable customers to plan, book and purchase air tickets online. Customers also have the option of checking-in through the website, choosing their preferred seat and even their in-flight meal. Place Emirates operate in

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