Case Study Of Etihad Airways

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There are 7 board of directors in the airline. Etihad Airways is governed by a board of directors.As of 2016,the chairman of the board is known as Mohammad Mubarak Bin Fadil Al Mazroui (Etihad,n.d). The Board consists of seven independent non-executive members.It also has two sub-committees, which is known as Audit Committee and the Executive committee.These two committes have each their own charter and chairman.Currentky,there are no women who are appointed as the board members. The board members are as follows: H.E. Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak ,H.E. Hamad Abdulla Al Shamsi,H.E. Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, H.E. Mohamed Hareb Sultan Al Yousef ,H.E. Ahmed Ali Matar Al Romaithi and H.E. Khalifa Sultan Al Suwaidi (Etihad,n.d.) As the airline is wholly …show more content…

He has over 20 years of extensive experience in the investment industry (,n.d.). His main aim is to accomplish shareholders’ expectations and ensure that the company achieves its financial goals. H.E. Al Romaithi is also currently a board member of several institutions, one of which is the Etihad Aviation Group, and he is a member of several other committees including the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, Etihad Airways since 2016, and ADNOC, giving him a thorough understanding of finance and corporate governance.He is an external board of director in Etihad Airways.H.E. Al Romaithi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from The University of Denver, USA. He is also a certified Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).
In conclusion, there are only 1 internal board of directors in that were elected for Etihad Airways. An internal board of director is a member who has the interest of major shareholders, officers, and employees in mind and whose expertise in their business and their market adds value to the board. The other 6 board of directors are the external board of directors. External board of directors are not involved in the inner workings of the company and bring experience from working in with other businesses. This position provides more of an objective view what goals need to be met and how to fairly settle

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