Case Study : Ford Motor Company

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ntroduction For a company to be successful it must have a solid plan from the inside out. There are hundreds of moving parts of a company and it can be a complicated task to ensure that all parts of the company are able to move in sync and perform well and efficiently. For a company to ensure that they are moving in the right direction companies often rely on analysis of their own company and other companies to gage where they stand in respect to their current plans and strategies. One of the most important aspects for a company is their business strategy and the way in which they approach their respective markets. Without a solid business strategy a company will not be able to be successful and will fail to achieve success.
Company Overview
Ford Motor Company is an American automotive manufacturer which was incorporated in 1903 by Henry Ford of Detroit, Michigan. Ford was able to survive through several depressions and was considered to be the first commercially available “affordable” vehicle. Ford is the second largest traded American automotive manufactured after General Motors. Despite recent competition from foreign auto manufactures Ford has been able to remain as one of the largest stakeholders in the automotive market in North America. The company’s mission statement is “One Team, People working together as a lean, global enterprise for the automotive leadership as measure by Customer, Employee, Dealer, Investor, Suppler, Union, and Community Satisfaction.”…

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