Case Study : Hospital Operations Exam

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Title - Hospital Operations Exam 1
Covering letter – I by name jaggavarapu pradeep reddy with UHCL student id 1405651 submitting this document, which is about the answers for the questions in exam 1.

1. Based on what you’ve learned so far, list at least three strengths and three weaknesses each that you have as it relates to a career in healthcare administration. Expound on your weaknesses by discussing ways you will/can develop them throughout this semester and beyond. Minimum of two paragraphs. You can add this to your portfolios that you are creating.
My strengths are
1) Responsibility to a task- I feel great responsibility to a given task and try to engage all available resources to complete it in time.
2) Good clinical
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The concept of health insurance is right or not is a double edged sword.
Why is health insurance a right? - Because
1) In order to cover unexpected costs during illness- no one can expect when they will land in illness that requires lot some of money which may cripples family economic situation or medical bankruptcy, in this situation health insurance surely helpful.
2) To improve public health- being an insurance holder every individual can access to hospital even with mild illness which help to detect and treat illness in primary stages or stoppage of communicable diseases, by which public health is improved.
Why is health insurance should not a right?-
1) Over exploitation of limited health care resources- with less out of pocket expenses patient will opt for high end treatment procedures or in order to meet reimbursements criteria hospital management forced physicians to go for high end diagnostic procedures.
For example, a simple chest x ray is sufficient to diagnose and treat pneumonia but to meet reimbursement criteria hospital management opt for costly CT scan.

3. We’ve referenced technological advances in medicine several times over the past several weeks. How have these advances affected hospital operations? Minimum of two paragraphs.
Surely technological advances in medicine affects hospital operations.
In physicians perspective- advancements in EHR and implantation of ICD coding nomenclature helps to gather patient information correctly
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