Case Study : Hospital Trust Board

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This business report will investigate Newcroft Hospital Trust company which is a large public sector hospital located in the North East of England. The hospital facilities are funded by the Government, however, are regarded by the Department of Health as self-governing. While operating in a major city in the North East of England “the hospital’s Trust Board aims to provide a high quality of care whilst ensuring value for money for the taxpayers who indirectly provide the funding for the hospital”.

The purpose of this business report is to identify and analyse the benefit and usefulness of Newcroft hospital’s Trust Board on the concept of Kaplan’s and Norton’s (1996) Balanced Scorecard which was created almost 20 years ago in order to provide managers with a better performance measurement system of the organisation’s strategy. Furthermore, this business report will focus on a variety of secondary information sources and my knowledge based on the four Balanced Scorecard processes. Lastly, it will critically evaluate the benefit of the hospital’s Trust Board on the concept of Balanced Scorecard.

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC):
A theory and management approach of the Balanced Scorecard was first “proposed in the Harvard Business Review by Robert S. Kaplan & David P. Norton (1995)” (Knapp, 2001). In the book called ‘The Balances Scorecard’ Kaplan and Norton (1996) translated organization’s mission and strategy into comprehensive set of performance measures. That
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