Case Study Management : Project Management

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT Task 1a 1. The role of Project Manager: As defined by the PMBOK, Project Management is “the application of knowledge, skill, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet stakeholder’s needs and expectations from a project.”(Rory Burke 2006) o Project manager has so many responsibility and authority on project that may be assigned to him to execute. These are based on:  Planning and defining project scope which has played a significant role in Project chapter. This has to come up to establish what to be done and the smooth running of the project in order to meet the stakeholder objectives. As TPS project will consider this as an important step to be taken because of the huge amount of many that involves in this project budget of £500,000 with standby £100,000 facility from the Wal-Smart. o Cost is important to the project without this no project can go ahead talk less project quality. It is a project manager to make sure that the project is cost to meet quality required by the stakeholders. o Resources planning is a project manager’s responsibility to acquire the competent persons in order to implement the project. This is very important in sense that he/she is in charge of the project and he must be able select a qualified manpower that are capable to run the project. Regarding TPS project the project manager has to carefully recruit competent people across the Wal-Smart as the Info solutions Plc will need to tap information from some
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