Case Study: Mr Bean

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Case Study : Mr Bean 1) What are the roles and benefits of branding to sellers and buyers in the food and beverage business? Is branding only for big companies? Why or why not? Branding is a basic decision in marketing products, this is whereby an organization uses a name, a phrase, design, symbols or combinations of these to identify its products and distinguish themselves form their competitors. The benefits of branding to sellers and buyers in the food and beverage business would be that buyers can identify with the brand and what the brand promises such as quality or affordability. In the case of Mr Bean, branding in the F & B business their brand slogan tells customers how they are “Bringing you life’s simple pleasures”. Sellers…show more content…
There are advantages of brand equity competitive advantage and consumers willing to pay a higher price with brand equity. The process is to bring brands from a broad awareness of brand salience to consumer brand resonance. This step to achieve this would be to develop positive brand awareness. The Mr Bean has achieved this positive brand awareness by associating their brand with bringing customers this is seen with Mr Bean’s products of soya bean related products such as soya bean milk and pastries which are freshly made at the retail outlet. This ensures that customers only consume the freshest products. The next step would be to establish a brand’s meaning in the minds of consumers. Here we see that the Mr Bean brand achieved this in 2004 by embarking on a comprehensive branding exercise creating a new brand identity and direction. This would lead on to create the ideas in the minds of customers that the Mr Bean a brand that assures fresh quality and strives to bring customers “life’s simple pleasures.” The current level which Mr Bean as brand trying to improve their brand equity, is eliciting the proper consumer responses to the brand’s identity and meaning. We see that here consumers see Mr Bean as a brand which is popular and positive, this is evidenced in the case study whereby fans leave messages on the company website to say how Mr Bean brightens up their day. The Mr Bean
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