Case Study Of Bio Bhutan

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Organizational Performance Assessment- a case of Bio Bhutan

Paper submitted to Prof. Dr. Chris Sadleir, University of Canberra, towards the partial fulfilment of the course Organizational Performance G (7777).


Score:…………… 1. INTRODUCTION
The concept of an organisation varies significantly among different authors. One of the interesting views is that ‘an organisation is a social arrangement for controlled performance of collective goals’ (Buchanan and Hucynski 2013). An organisation includes individuals who strive to meet a common goal. It consists of a hierarchal management structure whereby each individual is assigned with specific responsibility. However, Hal G. Rainey (2009) defines an organisation as ‘a group of people who work together to pursue a goal.’
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For example, the price of lemongrass air spray has been Nu.100 since 2005. This is because the price revision was not incorporated in their business strategy (Ugyen 2014, pers. comm., 20 May). As stated by Kotler (1997), “price should be commensurate with the offer’s perceived value”, Bio Bhutan should take the advantage of the demand in the market, products’ perceived value and increase the prices to maximize profits.
II. Difficult in meeting the market demand
As per the CEO of Bio Bhutan, sometimes they do not have enough the stock of their products to dispatch to the international market, although there is demand. This, according to him is because they first try to meet the demand of market in country and then go for international markets. This issue could be solved by producing an adequate amount of products required and as per the market demand (both in-country and international).
III. Inadequate processing

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