Impact Of Lean Practices On Organizational Performance

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Chapter 01 – Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study Organization is a part of an economic system in a country. In order to retain in economic system of the country performance is one of the most important fact for an organization. Organizational performance is actual output an organization is gained against its intended outputs. There are number of facts which impact on performance of an organization. Basically, it depends on people, process, place, procedures of the organization. Lean is a process where creating more value to customers by minimizing wastage, time with less resources. Lean organization understand the customer value and try to increase proceed which adding more value to the business. In order to accomplish the lean thinking …show more content…

1.4 Objective of the Study This study has extended the understanding of the employee adherence to lean practices and how those practices enhance the performance of the organization. Lean initiatives in an organization become more strategic and through standardizing key activities which direct on continuous improvement it enhances the productivity of employees. Company can focus on what strategies should be taken to enhance the organizational performance through lean practices. Below mentioned main objective and other sub objectives expected from the study on “Impact of Lean practices on organization performance” Main Objective • To study the impact on Lean practices on Organizational Performance of MAS Active Nike Division. Others objectives • To identify the current Lean practices of the organization • To examine impact of lean practices on effectiveness and efficiency of employees • To understand how far employees like adopt to lean culture Literature Review Theories related to Lean …show more content…

Essentially, this is what we are speaking about when we refer to organizational performance and achievement of successful outcomes. (James, 2017) Performance measuring is vital part which assessing value of employee and management. Performance can be measure through employee’s overall impact cost efficiency and effectives. (Anon., 2017) 2.4 Impact of Lean Practices on Organizational Performance 1) The Impact of Lean Practices and Organizational Commitment on Operational Performance in Hospitals This research done in order to identify lean practices, organizational commitment and operational performance in hospitals. This survey was conducted among lean managers and operators of each project in 2009. As per the researcher success of lean directly benefits the internal operations process as well as operational performance The result suggests that there are 4 lean practices in healthcare (Punnakitikashem, 2017). They are 1. Human resource management - 2. Patient flow 3. Total quality management 4. Standardized work 2) Impact of lean practices on operations performance and business performance: Some evidence from Indonesian manufacturing

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