Case Study Of Kylie Jenner

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Problem and Solution: Kylie Jenner amassed millions of followers on social media, such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, by simply being a reality TV socialite, who happened to be a part of an iconic family. Kylie was aware that there were no cosmetic lines catering for teens and millennials for them to obsess over so she decided she could use her already successful platform to launch a makeup brand that teens and millennials would crave and simultaneously turn her into successful businesswoman. Executive Summary: This case study provides the reader with a view on how extremely important social media and to an extent fame is, in the 21st century, with regards to having a successful business. Kylie Jenner’s company Kylie Cosmetics uses the …show more content…

This could deter thousands of people from purchasing the line of products. Due to Kylie Cosmetics being a new line of cosmetics on the market it gives them less experience than say, MAC Cosmetics or NYX Cosmetics. Recommendations: It is recommended that Kylie Cosmetics take immediate measures to: • Improve quality of products being made, • Produce more products so there is less restocking issues but not more than the market calls for (supply and demand), • Gain an even larger market by paying for advertisement such as, TV or billboards. Conclusion: This case study introduced how Kylie identified the gap in the market for teens and millennials and she tapped into it using her constant controversy and social media presence by creating Kylie Cosmetics. Because of her already booming platform, she had an advantage over other new companies, a fan base. She knew who her base was and catered to them. Kylie Cosmetics continues to expand by introducing new products regularly and as long as the company focuses on quality control and the customer’s wants, it would be a long existing

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