Case Study Of Pricing And Retail Strategy Of Lucky Brand

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Pricing and Retail Strategy Lucky Brand® established in 1990 in Los Angeles California, is an apparel retailer with focus on jeans, casual wear and accessories. Lucky Brand® currently has 251 retail stores, as well as locations in select department stores and is thriving online at This company operates as an exclusive distributor, a strategy of selling products through one or few retailers in a specific location (Tanner and Raymond.2014). The retail stores sell exclusively Lucky Brand® as does the site and within the department stores, such as Macy’s and Nordstrom, they have boutique sections dedicated to this brand exclusively. To maintain this operating model, the company has to stay relevant through the means by which the product line retail strategy and pricing are managed. This paper will review this strategy, primarily through technology strategy investments and how Lucky Brand® has managed to survive the retail industry for almost thirty years. Pricing and Retail Strategy Through 27 years in business, Lucky Brand® has been through changes in ownership and how they conduct business to keep up with changing trends in consumer behavior. In 2014 a private equity firm, Leonard, Green & Partners LP bought the company from New York based Fifth & Pacific Cos. The change in ownership brings this brand back to Los Angeles, where the company originally started. With this change, some changes in leadership and focus of the company took place.

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