Case Study Of The Palo Verde Valley Transit Agency Board

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Manuel Perez, the newly appointed 4th District Supervisor visited Blythe on Wednesday, June 21, and sat on his first meeting as a member of the Palo Verde Valley Transit Agency Board. With a lot of good news to discuss and a plethora of Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) to approve, Vice Chairman Oscar Galvan expedited the meeting as both the mayor and Alan Weeks were not in attendance. Serving senior citizens, persons with disabilities and the overall general public through an operation of eight active buses and five supporters in fleet, PVVTA is cooperatively working with public organizations to provide additional and better transit services to the community. As part of the Blythe Wellness Express, the board agreed to approve the …show more content…

The demand for CNG has not increased since the decline in the second year but continues to operate at a steady rate. PVVTA will continue to monitor the CNG Station for efficiency. • PVVTA will continue to operate XTend-A-Ride service which is a demand responsive service that addresses special areas in time where community require general public transit service that may not be available on the fixed route system. • PVVTA will implement the FTA Rides 2 Wellness demonstration service the Blythe Wellness Express; Monday, Wednesday and Friday to the Coachella Valley for non-emergency medical access. • The Agency will continue to place passenger amenities (e.g. benches, shelters) at strategic locations that promote new ridership through target marketing and partnerships. With the Blythe Wellness Express looking to launch on next week, July 3, the board also approved the (MOU) agreement with the Palo Verde Hospital District, to help assist both parties with ridership to medical facilities. Funded through the Federal Section of 5312 “Rides2Wellness” by the Riverside Transportation Commission, the agreement between the hospital and agency will designate a part-time position for a mobility manager for the period of 18 months to promote BWE among patients, schedule patient rides, assist with data collection and coordination. “As part of the Blythe Wellness Express, the Palo Verde Hospital

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