Case Study Of Zantel Mobile Telecommunication

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The study assesses customer satisfaction on the services delivery by Zantel mobile telecommunication. Urban West Region being as a case study .This chapter focuses on the background of the study, a statement of the problem, objectives and scope of the study. This study will attempt to explore the customer’s satisfaction on the services delivering by Zantel mobile telecommunication in Zanzibar.

1.1 Background of the Study

The initial introduction of mobile telecommunication was made during 1980s in Europe and Finland was the first European country that adopted mobile cellular network, followed by Sweden, Norway and Denmark (ITU, 2009). It was only in 1986 that the first mobile network was launched in France by France Télécome
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For example Etsalat has a long time experience in the industry all over the word. Zantel is using a collaborative strategy to create value to its customers by collaborating with national and international institution with common interests in communication services (Zeithaml, 2000). Currently the company has a roaming agreement that allows it to use Vodacom’s masts on mainland Tanzania to supplement its own. This is strength since Vodacom has good and reliable network coverage all over the country compared to Tigo which has a limited coverage (Ndukwe, 2004). This saves cost and time and increase efficiency.
Management ability - The ability of the management to identify its competitors and come up with the right strategies is strength (Elisante G, 2012).ZANTEL has got only four years of experience in Tanzania mainland but it has strived to increase its market shares and compete with more experienced companies (Suhail Sh. 2007). ZANTEL to provide a qualitable communication service is strength since customers are sure of the quality they expect when they are into

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