Case Study Of Airtel

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1. 1 TOPIC CHOSEN FOR STUDY A Study on Consumer Perception about Airtel Services Customer perception is defined as the way that customer usually view or feel about certain services and products. It can also be related to customer satisfaction which is the expectation of the customer towards the products. Customer satisfaction can be done based on various circumstances that can be linked either to product or services. It is also based on the satisfaction level of the management, customers, etc. by which it is able to increase the working conditions. Hence satisfaction is the customers feeling of pleasure or disappointment which he/she is able to express after being an Airtel customer. The Airtel services for the project includes the mobile services, 3G, 4G, & Wi-Fi. 1.2 NEED FOR THE STUDY The need for the study is to conduct a survey on the Airtel…show more content…
3.1.2 Why Is Consumer Perception Important?  Meeting the needs of consumers is the underlying rationale for the existence of community service organization. Customers have a right to quality services that deliver outcomes.  Organization that strive beyond minimum standards exceed the expectations of their consumers are likely to be leaders in their sector.  Consumers are recognized as key partners in shaping service developments and assessing quality of service delivery. 3.1.3 Dynamics of Perception One can take an input- throughout-output approach to understand the dynamics of the perceptual process. This approach emphasis that there is input, which is processed and gives output. The stimuli in the environment - subjects, events, or people – can be considered as the perceptual inputs. Processes Defining Perceptual
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