Case Study Patrick's Two Outliers

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The data for this folio was numerical data. The sample size was sufficient as the scores have been averaged out of twenty throws not four or five. Twenty was a good number as if was done that's not enough but if thirty-five or forty was done it gives us to much data and the possibility for an increased number of outliers. This creates problems when creating histograms as the classes range could be too great. Leading to the data not being shown in great detail. Patrick had two outliers while Angus had zero outliers. The outliers affected Patrick’s results because the two outliers increased his average to a higher score. Without Patrick’s two outliers his mean or average would have been 96.61 instead of 121.85. This shows how much Patrick’s two outliers made a difference to his average. The outliers also made a difference to his range. His range would have been 180 - 12 = 168 instead of 336 - 12 = 324. Some of the centre for Patrick’s data has been effected by the outliers and so has the

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