Episode Rating Of Modern Family

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The TV show that I chose for this project is Modern Family. ABC first started airing the show in 2009, and has aired 168 episodes throughout eight seasons as of October 4. The rating Modern Family received from IMDb 8.5 out of 10. I started with an analysis of the Episode Ratings for Modern Family (ignoring seasons). For the 168 episodes of Modern Family the average rating was ȳ=8.0304 stars out of 10, with a standard deviation of 휎=0.3469 stars. The minimum rating received by an episode is 7.3 stars out of 10 and the maximum rating is 9.5 stars out of 10. By using the median, any outliers in the data can be excluded, the median rating was 8 stars out of 10. Quartile 3 was 8.2 stars out of 10, while quartile 1 was 7.8 stars out of 10, resulting …show more content…

Since Episode Rating is a numerical variable and Season is a categorical variable a side-by-side boxplot was the graph used (Figure 5).
FIGURE 5 is a side-by-side boxplot displaying the 5 number summary for each season of Modern Family.

Season 1 has the smallest range with the episode ratings ranging from 7.8 to 8.8 stars out of 10. Season 6 has the highest range of Episode Ratings due to the outlier of 9.5 stars out of 10, the range is 7.4 to 9.5 stars out of 10. Season 3 has the smallest interquartile range, 0.3 and Season 5 and 6 have the largest interquartile range, 4.75. Season 1-6 have 24 episodes, season 7 has 22 episodes and season 8 has 2 episodes as of October 4th.

The second bivariate analysis is an analysis of the relationship between Episode Ratings and User votes.

Figure 4 shows the relationship between User Rating and User Votes
There is a slight upward trend between User Rating and User votes. This suggests a possible relationship between episode rating and the number of …show more content…

In the first season the episodes were getting roughly 1200 votes, in the fourth season the votes per episode reduced to roughly 800 votes, the most recent episode of Modern Family only got 172 votes. After looking into the viewership by episode it appears that the viewership has dropped from roughly 10-14 million viewers to roughly 7 million viewers per episode. Another interesting finding was that episode 136 (season 6, episode 16) had the largest number of User Votes, 3588. The same episode also had the highest rating, 9.5. There is no clear reason why that episode had the highest rating and largest number of votes. After examining the episode it is not a finale and had no real major importance and had roughly 9.32 million viewers which is less than Modern Family was getting in the first season. Episode 168 (season 8, episode 2) has the smallest number of votes, 172, but this episode has a rating of 8 stars, which is not the lowest rating. The episode had no real significance and got about 7.41 million viewers. Episode 88 (season 4, episode 16) got the lowest rating out of all the episodes, 7.3 stars, but it had 816 views which was fairly average. The viewership for the episode was roughly 10.62 million and there is no standout reasons why this episode would get the lowest rating. Those are a few interesting

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