Case Study : Pet Food Store Essay

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SNHU pet food store has been in business for over 15 years with 3 location in Akron, OH. Having to experience troundous growth at this site for the past five years. SNHU pet food decided to launch a new line of all natural made in the USA pet food. Responding to this demanding growth and increasing competition. The pet food will focus its marketing strategies for the small and medium size dogs, along with a line for felines. “Only Natural Pet Food” targets people with active lifestyle make it great choose for the new line of pet food, this new line will appeal to individuals that have a healthier lifestyle and want to extend it to their pets.

Launching the marketing campaign for Only Natural Pet Food the company will use SWOT analysis for the best strategies. Thus, allow SNHU pet food store to use these statistics to identify how it can leverage its strengths to get the most out of the opportunities in the marketplace. Figure 1: Swot Analysis for Only Natural Pet Food
Only Natural Pet Food has several strengths to point out in its marketing strategies. The new line is made from high quality all natural ingredients made in the USA. Ingredients come from local farmers, with a freshness guaranteed. By using opportunities from SWOT this campaign is going to target the healthy food trends, have the family eat healthily and pass the benefits to the pets as well. Creating loyalty program by establishing a true friend that is both profitable and loyal (Armstrong &

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