Case Study Pharmacy

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a. Give me the name and purpose of group you will be evaluating. I will be evaluation my current job at the pharmacy. It is a functioning retain pharmacy that’s main purpose is to distribute drugs and assist in the wellbeing of our community.
b. How long were you involved in this group?
I have been involved in the pharmacy for 16 months.
c. List the first names of people you will be including in your evaluation.
Tasha, Nick, Brittany, Jennifer, Briley, Liz.

a. Who was the leader of the group? (There may have been one leader or multiple leaders.) Brittany and Nick are the two pharmacists and are the leaders. When both of them are here, Brittany is usually the leader.
b. What functions of leadership did s/he fulfill? (If multiple leaders,
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Was s/he a designated or emergent leader? (Define the type in your answer and explain why you believe the leader fits this type. If multiple leaders, list separately.)
Both Brittany and Nick are designated leaders. The own the business together and they are also both pharmacists.

a. What style of leadership did s/he use (laissez-faire, democratic, authoritarian)?
Britney is more of a democratic leader where Nick is more of an authoritarian leader.
b. How did the leader demonstrate this style? (Define the style in your answer and give specific examples.) (If multiple leaders, list separately on both a & b.)
A democratic leader invites other members to share in decision making. Brittany always includes the technicians and interns when there is a problem. she asks our opinion and then acts on it, or delegates the task to one of us.

An authoritarian leader relies on legitimate, coercive, and reward power to influence others. Nick tends to scare some of the employees and is more verbal with his feelings, he isn't afraid to tell you what he thinks. H also signs people’s checks and so he has leverage
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(See chapter 9 of your text.) Define the role and give specific examples of each role you and others participated in. Specifically name at least 4 dysfunctional roles. Remember that more than one person may have fulfilled the role – give specific examples.
Blocker- Interferes with progress by rejection ideas or taking negative stand on any and all issues; refuses to cooperate. Tasha will get mad sometimes if things don't go her way, she sometimes raises her voice and shuts everyone's ideas down.
Aggressor- Struggles for status by deflating the status of others; boasts; criticizes. Nick sometimes gets angry and insults others. One time in particular I remember Nick shouting at Brittany that she is wrong and stupid for thinking that. He of course apologized, but it was shocking to hear.
To be honest, I have never seen Brittany exhibit any traits of a dysfunctional role.
Joker- Displays a lack of involvement in the group through inappropriate humor, horseplay, or cynicism. Sometimes Jennifer makes cruel jokes or said racist slurs at customers when they leave or of other employees when they aren't
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