Case Study: Problem of Employee Engagement in Spantech

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Problem of employee engagement in Spantech Question 1 Employment agencies are intermediaries between employers and job seekers advantages of which are, the recruitment agency will conduct all the initial interviews and tests and only the successful candidates are forwarded to the employer for the job ADDIN EN.CITE Jason20021197(Jason, Gupta, & Delery, 2002)1197119717Jason, D. ShawGupta, NinaDelery, John E.Pay Dispersion and Workforce Performance: Moderating Effects of Incentives and InterdependenceStrategic Management JournalStrategic Management Journal491-5122362002John Wiley & Sons01432095 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_10" o "Jason, 2002 #1197" Jason, Gupta, & Delery, 2002). The recruitment process gets streamlined for the HR manager in that he/she won't have to peruse through all the job seekers CV's ADDIN EN.CITE Hood2001925(Hood, 2001)92592517Hood, Penelope J.Human Resource Development: Motivation and MovementManagement in EducationManagement in Education19-251542001October 1, 2001 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_9" o "Hood, 2001 #925" Hood, 2001). Disadvantages for this method are, since the HR manager will be using an external firm there will be costs incurred by the company, the agencies can be pricey. The agency may spend more time trying to get the perfect candidates and still not find any and this will be a loss in terms of money and time wasted to the company ADDIN EN.CITE

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