Case Study Solving

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Case Study Method in Management Management education is mainly aimed at developing managerial skills in students. Amongst the various methods adopted in teaching management and management functions, the case study method developed in 1910 in U.S.A. and is now being propagated during the last decade or so, providing opportunities to both the teacher and the taught to promote managerial I understanding and competence, since it helps in contemplation and discussion of an actual situation. It is a wrong notion that the case studies are confined to management students. Cases may pertain lo any discipline, where skills for solving complex unstructured problems or preparing plans are required. The origin of case study methods itself can be…show more content…
The case study method of learning helps in developing skills on alternatives and decision-making. Case studies develop 'creative' problem solving techniques. According to Geofftaston the following six major skills areas are developed through case studies: 1. Analytical skills· One learns to classify, organize, and evaluate the information handled. Using this information one attempts to understand the situation described. This is, however, fraught with the danger of not thinking logically when the information is taxing. 2. Application skills This is useful at a lower level where concepts and principles, are applied, e.g., discounted cash flow. 3. Creative skills: When cases cannot be-solved by logical process alone creativity is a vital quality for a manager and is more useful in decision-making. 4. Communicative skills: By writing well-constructed reports, analysis and by discussions, both written and„ oral communicative skills are developed. Page No. 3.. 5. Social skills: Case discussions are essentially a social process. One learns to communicate, listen, support, argue, control oneself, etc. In fact, there is a belief that case courses are more a study of human behaviour than problem solving. 6. Self-analysis skills: A case is always useful in application of the situation to oneself and one can analyse the situation with reference to oneself. Thus, it helps in
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