Case Study : The Diversity Consultant

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Case: The Diversity Consultant (A) I. Case Summary The case presents the powers of re-framing a decision within a large U.S. technology development and consulting firm to try and recognize the opportunities and challenges in an attempt to create a more diverse team. Equality and non-discrimination in a workplace are key ethical issues that should be addressed. Diversity consultant, Cecilia was hired to conduct a number of interviews between the senior and middle level managers. She interviewed senior manager, Jim about the demographics of his team (managers, salespeople, analyst) and his personal area of responsibility. He stated that his team mainly consisted of white males and the diversity consultant questioned why that was. Being questioned was what engaged him into the conversation, and responding, “I have tried over the years to encourage a more diverse workforce of young managers in my area.” He proceeds to say he hired a young African American male manager but let him go since he didn’t fare well in the firm. The central goal of this organization is to create development, diversity and to maximize human potential. II. Problem Analysis a. Managing Diversity - The Directors should be more open and make a better attempt of creating a diverse workforce and interview different candidates for available positions. Managers play an important role in creating an ethical image for their organization. Workplace diversity does not only relate to race but gender, religion,

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