Case Study: Top Hotels And Restaurants

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Top Hotels and Restaurants in Asia:
For those who travel to Asia for the first time, the following list of hotels and restaurants would help you a lot when you are planning for your visit.
First: Top Hotels in Asia:
1-Mandarin Oriental Tokyo:
The resort is located near the main shopping destinations in Tokyo, in addition of being at a walk distance from the main entertainment destinations in Tokyo.
The resort consists of 157 rooms, in addition to 21 suites, all offering panoramic views. Moreover, the resort offers a variety of dining options including a three different restaurants.
2- Four Seasons Hotel Singapore:
One the important hotels in Singapore that offers you relaxation, and at the same time, its location is very near to the shopping …show more content…

Among its popular orders are the French guinea fowl, which is served with celeriac risotto, trout with grilled octopus, and miso caramel.
3- Nihonryori Ryugin:
This restaurant is located in Tokyo, and it is one of the modern kaiseki cuisine, in which the menu is changing upon seasonal produce.
4- Narisawa:
It is located in Tokyo and it has been rated as the best Japanese restaurant this year.
The restaurant is very famous with its use of environmentally-friendly, as well as seasonal ingredients.

5- Hember:
It is located in Hong Kong, and it was rated this year as one of the best chinnese restaurants for its special dishes that combine and mix the French classics with the Hong Kong edge.
6- Restaurant Andre:
It is located in Singapore, and it is one of the top rated restaurants in Asia, and it received the prize of best restaurant in Singapore.
Asian Commonly Used Languages:
In Asia we can find around 2197 spoken languages, however, the most ten commonly used languages in Asia are mentioned as follows:
1- Mandarin Chinese, with 51% of speakers throughout Asia.
2- English, with 17 % speakers.
3- Indonesian, with 10% speakers.
4- Japanese, with 5%

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